Introducing: DealForma plus Tableau

DealForma and Tableau

We are excited to introduce DealForma’s new Tableau dashboard integration. High quality data on biopharma deals and funding meets interactive charts and visuals.

DealForma customers will have exclusive access to the DealForma chart dashboards built on Tableau right within the DealForma platform. We are opening this up to all current DealForma customers at no charge for 3 months, after which the Tableau dashboards will become a paid feature. We’re confident the instant charts and stats will provide value for your industry analyses.

Visuals and Tableau Overview

We took all of the charts from our quarterly Excel files and made them interactive so you can customize to your specific segment of the industry and have charts ready to use in seconds. These will also refresh daily so you will have the latest numbers in charts to use for your presentations. Just set your filters and take a screenshot or download the charts and data directly.

Visuals and Tableau Overview 2


Visuals and Tableau Overview 3

Stay tuned for our upcoming series of in-depth articles covering specific chart topics in detail. Alternatively, schedule a call with us using this link to discover more about the exciting possibilities and features our Tableau dashboards offer.

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