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DealForma is the most trusted data partner for biopharma deal benchmarks.

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DealForma’s comprehensive database includes meticulously researched licensing deal financial comps, up-to-date profiles, historic company and pipeline data, and useful reports. It’s updated every day by real humans so you always have access to the latest, high-quality data in an intuitive interface.

Get All the Data & Analyst Support

DealForma analysts carefully curate profiles of companies, products, deals, and funding rounds to speed up your research with clean data.

Track Deal Comps Like a Top Analyst

Use more relevant deal comps in your analyses. You’ll always have the right metrics by stage, modality, therapy area, target, and more.

Plan, Meet & Sign Deals Faster

Identify target companies and arrive ready to meetings with comparable deal terms and due diligence on partner companies.

The cleanest data inside the DealForma biopharma deals database

  • Licensing, R&D, and Academic
  • M&A, Spin-Outs, Asset Purchases
  • Deal Comps, Detailed Overviews
  • Financial Metrics and Updates
  • Contracts, Press Release
  • Stages, Modality, Indication, Target, Territory…
  • Venture, IPO, Follow-ons
  • Investor Track Records and Funding Details
  • Global Biotech, Pharma, Diagnostics, Medtech
  • Digital Health Therapeutics
  • Biopharma Venture and Private Equity
  • Platforms, Early-Stage Compounds
  • Branded Drugs and Labels
  • Drug Sales Figures, Launches
  • Clinical Trials and Regulatory
  • Route, Dosage, Formulation

All of this by stage, disease indication, modality, target…

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Licensing Deals
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Other Deals
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Funding Rounds
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Company Profiles
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Drug Sales Figures

DealForma Platform

Empowering Biopharma Professionals with Interactive Data Visualization and Analyst Support

DealForma and Tableau over Dashboards Overview

Interactive charts on decades of deal and funding data.

Dashboards Built on Tableau

High quality data on biopharma deals and funding meets interactive charts and visuals built on Tableau right within the DealForma platform. You can customize by therapy area, modality, stage, and more for your specific industry focus and have up-to-date charts ready to use in seconds.

DealForma Natural Language Search EG

Search like you speak and easily pull the data you need.

Natural Language Search

Search more simply. Just fill in the blanks instead of checking dozens of boxes, and get comprehensive results. We created the simplest search function among any biotech database. As analysts working with this data, we wanted to get results rather than memorize complicated search fields. Our customers agree. And don’t worry, we also kept the detailed filters.

Just a few of the ways you can use your DealForma analyst

Your database comes with dedicated analyst support

Analyst Support Included

Unlock the power of your DealForma subscription with expert analyst support. Our analysts assist in sourcing deal comps, developing benchmarks, pulling custom data, creating charts, building reports, and discussing the latest deal trends. Direct support is available from 8AM to 5PM PST, M-F via Zoom or email.

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