Inpart’s and DealForma’s Predictions for Biopharma Dealmaking in 2024

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This year, DealForma’s CEO Chris Dokomajilar joined Inpart for the webinar to review life sciences dealmaking for 2024. Inpart has also put together an eBook which talks about the trends, analysis and forecasts for 2024.

It seems that biopharma is ready to bounce back as we saw an uptick in dealmaking starting Q3 2023 which has continued into 2024. J.P. Morgan’s Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, utilizing DealForma’s data, conveyed optimistic forecast for 2024. So who was the winner at dealmaking last year? AstraZeneca ended its year with the biggest upfront deal and the most signed deals. Immunome and Abbvie were also impressive with a $100M upfront and let’s not forget Bristol Myers Squibb and Avidity also with a $100M upfront.

What about seed and series investments? In 2023 biopharma therapeutics and discovery platforms saw a $20.9 billion investment out of which, $3 billion of venture investment was in insider rounds. This was the largest insider round venture investment in years, which is great for companies with a healthy investor base but makes it difficult for the new companies to raise money.

DealForma’s data showed highest ever deal value for licensing deals for therapeutics and platforms, however a couple of the large deals (the Daiichi Sankyo – Merck deal) skewed the figures by adding $22 billion on the topline and $4 billion in upfronts.

R&D Partnerships with Biopharma Companies signed Phase III and Earlier

What about AI? Is AI going to have an impact on biopharma? It already is! Since 2001 we saw an uptick in R&D partnerships and service contracts for AI/ML and according to Histoindex CEO Gideon Ho, the timeframe to develop a new drug will be cut from 10 – 12 years to 5 years with the help of AI.

What about global IPs and M&A deals by biopharma? Read the full rundown by Inpart and DealForma by downloading your free eBook here.



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