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Why do former AlphaSense customers love DealForma?
DealForma is a biopharma deals database providing high-quality, expertly curated data as an alternative to AlphaSense.
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 Finally, a deals database built specifically for biopharma.

DealForma stands out as the best in biopharma deal data with its comprehensive coverage of biotech and pharma licensing and funding transactions by providing a superior experience when it comes to deal terms. We focus on delivering high-quality deal data so you can have confidence that you are getting complete and accurate information for your biopharma business development deal comps and benchmark research.

Comprehensive Coverage

DealForma provides the most extensive coverage of biopharmaceutical transactions, including licensing deals, asset purchases, mergers, acquisitions, research partnerships, and funding rounds, ensuring you have access to a vast repository of relevant data.

In-Depth Analytics

With granular and relevant filters, DealForma allows you to delve into transaction details, track trends, and gain valuable insights into deal structures, valuations, therapeutic areas, and key players, enabling strategic planning, market analysis, and competitive intelligence.

Advanced Deal Monitoring

Business developers are switching to DealForma for its advanced deal monitoring capabilities. The platform enables you to set up alerts for specific criteria, such as target companies, indications, or modalities so you stay informed about the latest developments and deal opportunities.

Compare DealForma vs. AlphaSense

Built for Biopharma
Intuitive / Fast Interface
Data Quality / 100% Analyst Checked
Licensing Deals
M&A Deals
Contracts and License Agreements
Private Funding Rounds
Deal Comps, Upfronts, Milestones, R&D, Profit Splits, etc.
Deal Structures and Asset Stages
Deals going back to 2008, Updated Daily
Company financials and Investor Profiles
Product Pipelines
Filter by Stage, Indication, Technology, Target, etc.
Data Visualization / Analytics Dashboards
Full Tableau
Press Releases
Product Sales Figures
Data Export to Excel
Limited / Measured
Saved Searches and Alerts
Wall Street Analyst Reports
Earnings Call Transcripts
Analyst Hours Included
Minimum Starting Price

Comparison based on customer feedback and public information gathered June 2023 to the best of our knowledge. We understand the world is constantly changing, so if you see we missed a feature or made a mistake, let us know.

DealForma vs. AlphaSense

AlphaSense specializes in Wall St. analyst reports and earnings call transcripts, providing valuable financial insights. DealForma excels in deal comps, upfronts, milestones, R&D, profit splits, deal structures, and asset stages, offering you analyst-curated and comprehensive data on biopharma deals.

Why are biopharma and finance companies switching to DealForma?

"DealForma is a Better Deal Database"

We keep hearing from business developers who have tried other databases and DealForma. They are switching to DealForma because of the deal-focused filters and the ability to quickly pull relevant deal comps knowing the content is high-quality. This saves them time when creating reports because the information is verified and up-to-date.

Intuitive, Modern Interface

You know that biopharma business development is full of complex terminology. But you shouldn’t have to remember how a database codes things. DealForma designed its platform from the ground up to make finding the most relevant information fast and easy. DealForma’s granular filters give you the confidence in working with the right data.

Intentional Biopharma Deal Curation

Analysts at DealForma have experience reading thousands of deal and funding announcements and company filings. Teams assigned to each segment look for key terms to separate out from a noisy news flow. And they do this manually, every day, so you can quickly filter through decades of carefully curated, relevant transaction profiles.

Included Analyst Support

DealForma goes beyond a mere database by providing you 20 hours of analyst time per year included with your subscription for you to leverage the expertise of skilled professionals to assist you in data interpretation, perform custom analyses, and provide valuable insights tailored to specific business needs.

The breadth and quality of information in DealForma has saved our team countless hours over other data sources. The focus on customers also sets them apart. Whether it’s a quick question or a custom project, we get the right people to talk to fast.

Sr. Director, Global Market Insights
Top 10 Pharma Company

I like DealForma’s comprehensive coverage of the life sciences industry. The intuitive search functions allow me to quickly extract deal benchmarks and other insights, which are useful in helping me evaluate potential opportunities.

Sal Macasieb, Jr.
Bellwether Analytics (previously)

DealForma is an exceptional and intuitive platform with reliable data that has saved us countless hours. The support team is quick to respond, and they go above and beyond to make sure we get what we need whether it is a quick question or a more intensive project.

Prakash Raman
Senior Partner, Chief BD Officer
Flagship Pioneering (previously)

Best product in the business!

Saira Ramasastry
Managing Partner
Life Sciences Advisory

I’ve been reviewing data on biopharma business trends for 16 years now, and no one does the number crunching better than Chris Dokomajilar at DealForma. I’ve seen the data pressure tested repeatedly, and it is solid. We’re proud to have him contribute regular pieces to Endpoints News.

John Carroll
Endpoints News
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